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Friday, 5 July 2013


I nipped to Alkeborough after work after reports of up to four Spoonbills there on and off recently, there had been no news for a few days but I thought I would chance it, I arrived at the Southern end and got onto a couple of Ruddy Shelducks straight away, they were loosely associating with the numerous common Shelducks and although probably of dubious origins still an attractive duck, there were also good numbers of Avocets and Black Tailed Godwits around and a pair of Marsh Harriers hunting but no Spoonbills. I had noted a new Tower Hide halfway along the track running to the Northern end so I thought I would suss it out, it was at a good height and gave great views over the Northern end, birdwise it was just more of the same but scanning just off the reserve over one of the Islands in the river, Whitton Island I think, I came across the four Spoonbills, they were distant and just stood there sleeping but occasionally preened, a couple of them showing the yellow tip to the bill, the Island also held impressive numbers of feral Geese including Barnacles, I suspect these would also be feral but there must have been 50-60 there at least.
lots of Avocets

a few Black Tailed Godwits

and a couple of distant (well everything is here) Ruddy Shelduck

the new Tower hide

some juv Swallows taking a rest

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