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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Twitch to Hartlepool Headland

Went on a twitch after work yesterday with Andy to Hartlepool Headland for a Mega, a WESTERN ORPHEAN WARBLER had been trapped and ringed there this morning then released at the Bowling Green where it basically remained for the rest of the day, it had been fairly elusive and stayed out of sight for long periods but fortunately was showing when we arrived although it was never on view for more than a few seconds at a time until mid evening when it decided to have a snooze and was in view for half an hour or more but with its head tucked in, it was finally flushed by a group of kids who decided on some birder baiting by banging on the fence and shouting taunts, it flitted between bushes for a bit and I must admit it was quite a distinctive bird in flight but then it seemed to go to ground so we left it at that. I even managed a couple of crappy record shots.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


A couple of afternoon visits to Clifton Ings and one to Blacktoft Sands although neither site yielded anything out of the ordinary, nice to have some sun at last though.

G S Woody feeding young at the Ings

Butterflies out in force this week

Sunday, 20 May 2012

A good start steadily went downhill

Out with Andy today and we started the day at East Hes to have a go for the Temminck's Stint we failed to find yesterday afternoon, as we scanned over the Top Lagoon a dog walker flushed a small wader from the other end and as it passed over our heads calling we were fairly convinced that was the bird, it flew to the western scrape and landed on a small Island, Andy soon got it in his scope and confirmed the ID, we hoped it would return to the Top Lagoon but it looked fairly settled in its new location so we decided to move round to get a closer look, when we eventually relocated it we were pleasantly surprised to find a second bird with it but unfortunately they had moved to the far bank and were just too distant for a photograph. With a Citrine Wagtail at Flamborough beckoning we decided to push on giving directions to Mr Leadley who was just arriving as we left. Upon arriving at Flamborough we soon found out that the Wagtail had gone missing but with nothing else to go for we staked it out most of the day on the offchance it might drop back in, it didn’t but mid afternoon we got news that an Icterine Warbler had been found at Old Fall Plantation, we shot off there but it was to be over an hour before we saw it and then it was the briefest of views before it disappeared again. A good start to the day but then a rather frustrating time at Flamborough.

Friday, 18 May 2012


A midweek visit to Strensall Common with photographing Cuckoo and/or Tree Pipit in mind, I managed both but I couldn't get anywhere near the Cuckoo before it disappeared and the Tree Pipit just wouldn't pose in the right place, ah well next time maybe. At least two Wood Lark sang briefly and one was calling a lot and keeping an eye on the Cuckoo when it was in the vicinity, I don't know whether they are used as hosts or not, I also imagined I saw a male Stonechat at one point but on further investigation I only managed to find a few Linnets, a female Wheatear and a male Reed Bunting.

a very distant Cuckoo

these two would have been ok but it hid behind the branch

a couple of quick snaps of a fly by Kestrel

Monday, 14 May 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Out with Andy today and with nothing much reported from the coast we decided to do Bolton Abbey Woods, it was a nice pleasant walk around as usual and as well as the more common woodland species several Pied Flycatchers and a Wood Warbler showed very well on the first side of the river with Spotted Flycatcher, Cuckoo, Redstart and Garden Warbler being seen on the opposite side on the way back, also Dipper, Goosander and Common Sandpiper showed well on the river which was in full flow. We returned to the York area in the afternoon and had a little stroll around Skipwith Common but it seemed most stuff was keeping its head down in the windy conditions so we decided to check out Thorganby, there was plenty of water but apart from loads of Tufted Ducks it was fairly quiet however we then received some info regarding three Black Necked Grebes at North Duffield Carrs so we shot round and ended the day there although again there was not much with them.

in full flow

getting on with the business

coming down from the hills

a more tranquil area

Dipper territory

always stayed high up

haven't photographed many flowers lately, this one caught my eye, Wood-sorrel