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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Twitch to Hartlepool Headland

Went on a twitch after work yesterday with Andy to Hartlepool Headland for a Mega, a WESTERN ORPHEAN WARBLER had been trapped and ringed there this morning then released at the Bowling Green where it basically remained for the rest of the day, it had been fairly elusive and stayed out of sight for long periods but fortunately was showing when we arrived although it was never on view for more than a few seconds at a time until mid evening when it decided to have a snooze and was in view for half an hour or more but with its head tucked in, it was finally flushed by a group of kids who decided on some birder baiting by banging on the fence and shouting taunts, it flitted between bushes for a bit and I must admit it was quite a distinctive bird in flight but then it seemed to go to ground so we left it at that. I even managed a couple of crappy record shots.

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