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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Not done much lately due to bad weather and looking after a poorly dog however I managed to get out a couple of times last weekend, I did a couple of hours at Blacktoft Sands last Sunday and although there was nothing major of note I year ticked Reed and Sedge Warblers, there was also a good number of Swifts about one of which was incredibly chased and caught by a Sparrowhawk, a few of the Marsh Harriers were also showing quite well out in front of the hides.

Upon returning home Sunday evening we discovered Izzy, our dog, had taken a turn for the worse and after a sleepless night with her in some distress we decided to call the vet out and 6am Monday morning we put her out of her pain, I had planned a trip to Spurn with Andy that day and decided I would go ahead with it rather than just mope around the house all day but it was a very sombre day with my mind elsewhere half the time. It was a fairly quiet start with most stuff from the day before clearing out overnight but I got a few year ticks such as Lesser Whitethroat, Whimbrel and Little Tern then mid afternoon the forecast showers arrived as I was staking out a Wryneck near the Warren, I retreated to the Canal Scrape hide and fortunately it only lasted an hour or so and when it cleared I returned to find a bedraggled Wryneck perched on the fence, it then showed well for the next half hour feeding along the grassy bank, there was also a Grasshopper Warbler reeling nearby, Andy, who had been in the seawatching hide, rejoined me and we finished the day with a quick look at Sammy's point which was again fairly quiet but I year ticked Yellow Wagtail and Cuckoo.

lots of Wheatears about

Linnets were looking good

Whimbrel in the Triangle

Black Redstart at the Point

Wryneck gave itself up after the rain

Whimbrel and Wheatear at Sammy's

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