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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Not a Semi at Nosterfield

It was forecast a nice day on Sunday and with nothing else on offer I decided to head up to Wykeham to try and photograph Turtle Doves yet again, the morning though was cool and cloudy and again there was no sign of any Doves at the Nursery fields, a Green Woodpecker and Spotted Flycatcher were hanging around but they eluded the camera as did the two Stoats that ran across the track. Then I got a phone call from Mark informing me that an adult Semi-palmated Sandpiper had been found at Lingham Lakes, Nosterfield, after a bit of deliberation I decided I ought to go and see it but upon arrival I was told it had been re-identified and was in fact a summer plumaged Sanderling, I suppose it was the classic case of a bird out of context being turned in to something its not, there was also a good selection of other Waders and stuff present at the Lake and as I was there I thought I might as well go have a look around the main reserve, it was fairly quiet though highlights included a Buzzard over, a Sparrowhawk taking a Blackbird (though not very good for the Blackbird I suppose) and as I got back to the car park I heard an adult and juvenile Mediterranean Gull had just been found with the Black Headed's on the main lake, a local told me a pair had been present in Spring then had moved on when the water levels rose but must have bred somewhere nearby, I called off at Yearsley Woods on the way home but it was a bit late in the day and a Turtle Dove flying over was about the best of it. 

Marsh Woundwort

adult and juv Med Gulls flying over Black Headed colony

juv Med on the water

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