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Sunday, 23 October 2016


Out with Mark and it was back to Spurn today with the winds turning back Easterly this weekend although they don’t seem to have brought much in this time, on saying that an interesting Siberian Stonechat had been found at the Point yesterday afternoon and was generally regarded as being of the race Stejnegeri and if proven to be is a potential split. News that it was still present came out shortly after we arrived so we prepared ourselves for the long slog out there, nothing much seen en route, a few Thrushes and a handful of Siskins and Bramblings were about it then as we reached the Green Beacon there was no sign of the bird, as more birders arrived we spread out and after around 40 mins the bird was relocated a bit further round, very mobile and never particularly close it gave us a right run around but we stuck with it well into the afternoon eventually getting reasonable views, a Jack Snipe also flew over. By the time we got back it was getting quite late, we had a little look at a Black Redstart at the Warren and a showy Snow Bunting at the Sandy Beaches Caravan Park and that was about it, a couple of skeins of Pink Footed Geese were seen coming off the Wolds to roost on the Humber as we made our way home.  
crossing the breach

the presumed Stejneger's never close

and very mobile

in flight

it showed its much darker rump

Brents on the Humber



and Sanderlings on the beach

parting shot

Black Redstart at the Warren

and Snow Bunting at Sandy Beaches

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