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Thursday, 13 October 2016

MEGA! Siberian Accentor

Close to finishing at work this afternoon when Mark rang with the unbelievable Mega news that a Siberian Accentor had been found at Easington near to where we had been watching the Olive Backed Pipit by the Gas Terminal down Vicar Lane last weekend, we had only just been speculating about one turning up on the East Coast and it had happened, I said I’m on my way, Spurn is not the best place to twitch mid-week, traffic was murder through Hull and even once through I daren’t push it too hard in case there were any speed camera vans lurking but I eventually made it found somewhere to park and got to the site, it was on the opposite side of the top end of Vicar Lane to the Gas Terminal where the little beauty was busy feeding on a lichen covered hard standing area no more than five yards away oblivious to its growing crowd of admirers, Britains second hot on the heels of the first on Shetland at the beginning of the week and more importantly a Yorkshire tick as well as a lifer, thanks to Mark for the phone call. Unfortunately with twitching from work I didn't have my camera so no pics although I did borrow a mates camera to get some record shots and he said he would e-mail them to me, if he does I will add them to the post.

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