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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Showy Sab's and the disappearing acts

Out with Mark today and we went over to Pennington Flash in Greater Manchester where an adult Sabine’s Gull had been found in the week and had been showing well, it was still present this morning and still showing well, a great bird to try out my new camera gear with. After a good session with it we moved on and up to Preston where a first summer Ring Billed Gull has been hanging around the Docks, typically though it had flown off half an hour before we got there, we hung around for an hour or so but it didn’t return so we decided to head south to try for the long staying Red Footed Falcon at Chatterley Whitfield, long staying that is until today, that had also done a bunk and even the nearby Black Redstart was hiding when we went to look for it, oh well you can’t win em all as they say.

striking wing pattern

often too close

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