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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I was out with Mark last Sunday and we had started heading for Teesside when news came over of a Radde’s Warbler at Flamborough so we turned and headed there instead, it was in the gorse field and had just started showing quite well as we arrived and it performed well if a little distantly for the next half hour or more, there was also a pair of Stonechats knocking around the Headland and a small skein of Pinkfeet went over but generally little else. We had a tramp up Holmes Gut but found little more than a few Blackcaps and Yellowhammers then we heard a Yellow Browed Warbler was showing near Thornwick Pool, we spent some time with it hoping to get some photos but it was very active and remained deep in cover, Thornwick Pool itself was fairly quiet. It was then back to Holmes Gut where a “LocustellaWarbler had been seen, we joined a few other birders there and waited patiently for a mist net to be put up then walked through the area, alas nothing was put up the bird must have got away. We finished the day at some ponds near Hunmanby Gap which were hosting a first winter drake Scaup, a Barn Owl was also hunting nearby.
the Radde's

1w Scaup

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