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Monday, 30 June 2014

Quiet Weekend

Well hindsight is a wonderful thing, if we had left the Farne Islands trip to the weekend chances are the Bridled Tern would have gone but instead it frustrated us mid-week then not only stayed until the weekend but hung around for all visiting the Islands to connect with, not that I'm bitter! anyway you can't keep doing these expensive trips every 5 mins so I had a bit of low key weekend and just visited Blacktoft Sands this Saturday afternoon. Fairly quiet at the moment just the usual Marsh Harriers, five or six summer plumaged Spotted Redshanks, a few juv Bearded Reedlings flitting about the reeds, the Bitterns had been flying around that morning but not in the afternoon but the main point of interest was the Moths they had trapped the night before, two or three new ones for me including Poplar Hawkmoth.

Spotted Reds

got his eye on something

leaving empty handed

Eyed Hawkmoth

Poplar Hawkmoth


female Ghost Moth

Barred Straw

Bright-line Brown-eye

Pebble Prominent

Heart and Dart

Double Square-spot

Dark Arches

Light Arches

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