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Monday, 24 March 2014

Indifferent Day

Well you know how it is, you plan to do such a place for so an so then go to the next place for whatever but the trouble is the birds don't read the script, well I started up at the Raptor viewpoint at Wykeham hoping the recent White Tailed Eagle might put in an appearance but after a couple of hours there then a tour of the area between Langdale and Hackness there had been no sign of it, although several Buzzards and Goshawks etc entertained. Early afternoon I gave up on the Eagle and headed off to Flamborough for my next target bird, the Hooded Crow/s seen over the last few days, I had a good search round the favoured area between the village and Bempton but it was another no show, I found out later two birds were seen flying South past the Headland this morning, I had a quick look at the wetland area at Thornwick Bay next but it was very quiet, a Snipe being the only bird of note,  I finished off the afternoon with a walk along the cliff-top path from the Headland photographing the seabirds, four Wheatears on the Golf Course were my first for the year so I least I got something from the day.


and Sparrowhawk in Wykeham Forest

back in numbers now

hanging in the wind

sometimes came too close

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