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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Rain half stops play

The plan was to be out with some of the other guys today but with a forecast of heavy rain and there being nothing worth getting wet for it was decided not to bother however with the forecast also saying it may fare up this afternoon I decided to chance a trip to Blacktoft Sands after lunch, if it was wrong at least there were hides. The rain stopped even as I was driving there and it turned into a fairly pleasant afternoon with just one threat of a squall but that passed by, the reserve was quiet, I had been expecting more Ducks than there were to be honest but amongst the handful that were there, at least one of them was the 1st winter drake Scaup thats been around for several days, I stayed on for the Raptor roost which included up to ten Marsh and four Hen Harriers, two males, plus two Peregrines also flew over probably looking for their last meal of the day.
not the best looking Scaup I've ever seen

a few Lapwing and Dunlin flying around otherwise just
a handful of Snipe on the Wader front

the two males as usual kept their distance

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