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Friday, 29 November 2013

Local stuff

Well I haven't done much local reporting of late and to be honest I haven't been over to the Ings much this year, the few times I have its been very quiet and not really inspired me to watch it more, however I have been left looking after my eldest daughters dog on numerous occasions and that generally includes taking it a walk around Rawcliffe Lake, again there's not usually a lot going on there although a pair of Great Crested Grebes raised two broods this summer and a pair of Canada Geese bred for the first time raising one gosling to maturity against all the odds, but occasionally the odd decent bird/s drop in, this week two female Goosanders are gracing the water.

a good few Gulls around during winter months, usually Common and Black Headed

but Herring Gulls are starting to be more frequent

once an occasional visitor they are almost daily now

There used to be a healthy population of Coots a few years ago but the recent hard winters pushed them off with the Lake being frozen for prolonged periods and this year they didn't return, well one did this summer and its been plodding around on its own until three weeks ago when a second bird turned up, maybe we're poised for recolonisation.
Excuse poor quality of pics, they were taken with my pocket digital camera.

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