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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wet my Lips

There have been no reports of Quail from the traditional sites around York yet this year so when Pete Watson reported one from a field just Northwest of Poppleton and Mark had it singing this morning I thought I'd go down this evening and (see) or hear it, I took the camera along not really expecting to use it and headed for the area Mark had heard it this morning, there were quite a few Skylarks and Yellow Wagtails about but no Quail singing at first then after about 5 mins it piped up from the middle of a cereal crop, it seemed fairly static for quite a while but then started moving left towards some Tractor ruts I had envisaged it showing along, I positioned myself and the calls got nearer and nearer to the ruts, I watched and waited then all of a sudden it called from further back and further left, I couldn't believe it, it had sneaked past, however it was now calling from close to the edge of the crop where it merged into a scrubby weedy area popular with the Yellow Wags, I walked up the edge of the field a bit and the singing was actually coming from the scrubby area, I now knew there was a good chance of seeing this bird and I scanned and scanned where it seemed to be singing from then I thought whenever I've seen birds fly up before its always been from further away than I thought they'd be, I started scanning further back and there it was, singing from a patch of dead grass, I rattled a few shots off (always pays to carry your camera around) then stalked a bit closer, I ended up getting quite close although the light was dire, still I'm not complaining I'm absolutely chuffed at getting such good views as well as a few record shots of a bird you normally only hear.
Ah there you are

Singing his head off

seems to be some feather damage, maybe had a close call with something

a few of these around too


  1. Good effort getting shots of Quail! The only one I've ever seen was at Wheldrake Ings. Scoping from Bailey bridge when Natural England flower surveyors flushed one from the meadow

  2. Thanks James, Yeah I feel really privileged, I've had many flight views over the years and a couple of sightings involving birds running from one patch of cover to another but to get one sat out in the open singing was something else, probably be quite a few years before I get a view like that again (if ever)