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Monday, 17 June 2013

A swift trip down to Suffolk

Me and Mark made an unplanned visit to Suffolk today, a Pacific Swift was found at Trimley Marshes yesterday morning then remarkably remained there for the rest of the day leaving more than a few birders cursing the fact they could have twitched it had they taken the risk, most unexpectedly it was still present this morning and we decided to risk it. We had some good views of Red Kites and Buzzards on the way down but arriving at the site we were told the Swift was distant often feeding higher up and indeed hadn’t reliably been seen for an hour or more, we climbed the floodbank and joined the large group of expectant birders lined along it and after about 20mins the shout went up, we picked the bird up flying low over the fields behind and it then flew towards us and made a pass over the back of the pools in front of us giving us reasonably good views, it then climbed high and drifted off over the other side of the estuary, we gave it a bit longer and fortunately after half an hour or so it came back, we observed it make several more passes over the pools during the next hour but mainly it was feeding over the fields behind and was lost to view more often than not, it certainly didn’t offer the photographic opportunities it had done yesterday. We didn’t really pay much attention to other stuff there but a Marsh Harrier and several Little Egrets were noted. We paid a quick visit to Dunwich Heath afterwards where a Cuckoo and several Dartford Warblers showed well but surprisingly we failed to find any Stonechats much to the chagrin of Mark who still needs it for the year.

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