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Saturday, 28 January 2012


I've managed to get down to Upper Poppleton several mornings this week to check out the Gulls loafing around there, each morning they have been in the first field on the left as you turn off the A59 down Newlands Lane. On Wednesday morning as I scanned through the flock I found what I was quite happy was an adult Caspian, small dark eye, long narrow bill, less white in the wing than accompanying Herrings also seemed to stand taller out of the grass when it was stood. On Thursday there was a couple of other birders there when I arrived and they were already onto an adult Iceland another interesting bird was seen but was soon lost in the crowd of other Gulls and then flew off before ID could be clinched. This morning the Gulls were initially a bit closer than they had been the previous two mornings and as I scanned through I soon got onto a stunning adult Caspian, different to Wednesdays bird this one had a pure white head making the dark eye stand out like a button, a paler greenish yellow bill and as it drooped its far wing it revealed the all white under to P10, a really distinctive bird, unfortunately after downloading the Iceland Gull pics last night I had forgot to put the camera back in the bag so I didn't get any pics of todays bird.

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  1. Hi Nigel,

    Have you got any more photos of the Caspian? Looks more like an argenteus from this photo but could be a funny angle