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Sunday, 27 November 2011

November Desert

Went off to Bempton first thing with Andy and Mark for the Desert Wheatear first seen last weekend and refound on Friday, there was no sign of it at first in the very windy conditions but eventually it was picked up feeding along the edge of the field and we got good views of this super little bird although it was quite flighty early on, we also saw a Short Eared Owl as we returned to the car. Next up we paid a quick visit to Flamborough where a flock of Twite has been flying around the Headland over the past few days but we couldn’t locate them this morning so we headed off to Filey Dams, some White Fronted Geese had been posing here yesterday and we hoped they might be doing the same today, they dropped in to the back of the pool accompanied by two Barnacles shortly after we arrived but it wasn’t long before they moved on somewhere else so we did too, to try our luck at nearby Lebberston where a flock of White Fronts with a possible Taiga Bean Goose had been seen yesterday, the White Fronts were still present but there was no sign of the Bean Goose today. We then trekked over to North Cave Wetlands where an adult Caspian Gull had been seen this morning but again although there were lots of large Gulls to scan through there was no sign it late afternoon.

the White Fronts with Barnacles at Filey Dams

the White Fronts at Lebberston

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