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Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Great Grey afternoon

A couple of hours to spare this afternoon (Saturday) so I nipped down to Acaster Airfield for another session with the Great Grey Shrike, it was in the area beyond Ibbotsons Trailer Park this afternoon and initial views from further down the road were fairly distant, however I moved back to Ibbotsons to see if I could see it from the far side of the Trailer Park and discovered it linked to a part of the old runway with all the hay bales lined all along it, I walked out and soon found the bushes the Shrike had been perched in and discovered it was still sat there, I approached carefully and was quite amazed just how close it let me get, it even flew down onto the bales to catch and dispatch a Bumblebee then flew back to the bush, it also perched up on a couple of trees nearby and started singing at one point, wasn’t sure whether it was in response to a pair of Buzzards that had started displaying. A super approachable bird but a grey cloudy afternoon meant the poor light levels didn't lend itself to photography.

dispatching a Bumblebee

having a good sing song from this perch

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