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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Any good birds in Norfolk, Knot today

The week before I went to Lanzarote a Great Knot had turned up at Titchwell, out of the question for me but Mark went for it with the Rochdale lads on the Saturday but then failed to see it, however the bird returned the following day and has remained in the area since and although fairly mobile between various sites it has been quite faithful to Titchwell most of the time, after going for the Scoter at the weekend and not wanting to risk leaving it a further week me and Mark took Tuesday off and along with Pete Watson went to go and see it, however you've guessed it the bloody Knots had decided to either move on or change their feeding area and there were no sightings of the Great one from anywhere all day, we remained at Titchwell until late afternoon ever in the hope it may just drop in at any time but no such luck, there was plenty of other stuff to look at though, some nice Godwits, juv Bearded Reedlings, female Red Crested Pochards, Red Kite, Buzzards and Marsh Harriers but a disappointing day really.
we made friends on the beach

quite a few Sedge Warblers singing away

juv Bearded Reedlings showing well

and a good selection of Waders, apart from Great Knot that is

well grown Avocet chicks

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