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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Forest and Coast

Out with Mark and we did a loose repeat of the trip we did two weeks ago, it was a nice sunny morning and we started at the Wykeham Raptor viewpoint this time based on observations from last time, it wasn’t long before a Buzzard went over soon followed by a Goshawk, it showed well but not as close as we’d hoped then as before it was quite some time before there was any more action, several Buzzards eventually got up and a pair of Goshawks started displaying but they were right down the valley so it was just scope views. With the morning clouding over and a touch of rain in the air we gave up on them and decided on another look around Langdale Forest, great area and we drove as far as we could get eventually looking out over the Stony Rigg area, a Goshawk and female Sparrowhawk were seen in flight here as well as another Goshawk sat on a conifer, it was away before we could raise the camera’s though. The afternoon had turned a bit brighter so we dropped down to Scalby Mills for another go with the still present American Wigeon, the tide was right in though and the birds although closer than a fortnight ago were still a fair way out so we decided to head over to Flamborough and try for the Bittern at Thornwick Pools then return later, at Flamborough it was always going to be a long shot and unfortunately the Bittern never showed while we were there but upon returning to Scalby Mills with the tide going out the American Wigeon had indeed come closer. Fearing a busy A64 we took the back roads home with a Dipper being seen from the bridge at Hilla Green  but there was nothing else of note.

and Goshawk showed well early on but not close enough

female Sparrowhawk at Stony Rigg

American Wigeon and friends

was closer later

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