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Monday, 5 October 2015

Another good day at Spurn

I was joined by Mark and Paz on Sunday and we were prompted back to Spurn after a few good birds had been seen on the Saturday, unfortunately the main target, Pied Wheatear, had disappeared overnight but the juv Citrine Wagtail remained and although it had initially flown off as we arrived it soon returned to the Canal Scrape where it showed well on and off throughout the day. Most of the day was spent walking round scrutinizing the bushes etc and there were a good few Yellow Browed Warblers on offer still but Firecrests eluded us yet again, late morning news came over that another Arctic Warbler had been trapped at Kew Villa, it was shown then released in Church Field but understandably dived straight into the nearest bush and stayed put, then early afternoon a Little Bunting was trapped at the Warren but again was seen in the hand but not after release. A couple of small skeins of Pinkfeet went over during the day and the Autumns first Redwings dropped in then late afternoon the Arctic Warbler started showing again in Church Field, it was not as good as last weeks bird though and we only got a couple of brief views and upon hearing a Jack Snipe had turned up on Canal Scrape we headed there and ended the day with that, all in all another good day.
an increasingly more commonplace sighting these days

Bird of the day, juv Citrine

having a stretch

lots of these little fella's

Little Bunting in the hand

never got to grips with these this week, they were so active it was hard to keep up with them

well hidden Jack Snipe

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