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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Weekend Lepidoptera

Last Saturday evening I headed off to South Landing at Flamborough as they were doing a Storm Petrel ringing session, I haven't been to one of these evenings for a few years so I thought it would be good to do again, it would also probably be the best opportunity to get a photograph as well, they were coupling the session with a Mothing Night which was just as well as they unfortunately didn't manage to catch any Petrels, the Moths however were quite fascinating and I saw many new species for me, over 100 species were recorded and some I managed to photograph are below:

Small Fan-foot

Brimstone Moth

Plain Golden Y

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Flame Shoulder and Riband Wave

Common Footman


Clouded Border

Light Arches

Burnished Brass showing off its metallic finery

I was most impressed with this one, Buff Arches

Green Pug

Latticed Heath

Peppered Moth

Mottled Beauty
Sunday afternoon I went down to Chambers Farm Wood in Lincolnshire where some mighty fine Butterflies have been showing well in the week, it was a nice sunny afternoon but a little breezy and although there were a good few Butterflies about it wasn't what I had been hoping for, there were plenty of Comma's and Ringlets, a few Large Skippers and some smaller ones proved to be Essex, Purple Hairstreaks were coming down low but not low enough, best of the afternoon were several White Admirals and although I saw a couple of Purple Emperors they were just fly bys, no sign of any Silver Washed Fritillaries and no Hummingbird or Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoths in the Butterfly Garden.

lots of Comma's

Large Skipper

and Essex Skipper

White Admiral kept high up at first

but eventually came down

Ringlet underwing

a few Dragonflies as well, Souther Hawker

and Brown Hawker

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