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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Richard's 2 and two Moorland Reservoirs

Out with Mark and we started the day at Hayburn Wyke for another go with the Richard’s Pipit, Mark still needed it for the year, we spent over an hour on the cliff-top path scanning the favoured fields without sight nor sound of the bird or indeed any other birders so we were quite bemused when it came on Mark’s pager it was still present and showing, after another walk up and down the path still seeing nothing we gave up and returned to the car and while having a coffee and admiring a showy Marsh Tit a local birder returned to the car park and informed us the bird was actually in another field lower down the bank, no wonder we couldn't see from the top, after receiving directions we headed off for another try and managed to find it that time although it was very flighty and not approachable at all. We then went up to Scaling Dam where there was a good selection of Wildfowl on the Reservoir and a good selection of Passerines around the car park included another showy Marsh Tit and a hoped for Brambling, year tick for me, we carried on to Lockwood Beck Reservoir and were amazed to find a flock of 30-40 Bramblings there, they showed well dropping to the ground to feed on Beech Mast but late afternoon light levels were pretty poor for photography.
Hayburn Wyke from the Cleveland Way

Marsh Tit in Hayburn Wyke Hotel car park

got the Richard's Pipit on second attempt but it kept its distance

Marsh Tit at Scaling Dam car park 

Bramblings at Lockwood Beck

a Coal Tit gets in on the act

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