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Sunday, 30 November 2014

From showy Buzzard to elusive Pipit

It was forecast for a nice sunny morning so I thought I would have another session with the Rough Legged Buzzard at Grindale, but it started clouding over earlier than expected and before I managed to find the Buzzard unfortunately, however once I had located it along a road running out to the Caravan Club it showed well perching on concrete posts that lined the road and hunting over nearby rough grassland, it caught at least three Mice or Voles while I was watching it, there was a couple of common Buzzards knocking about as well. In the afternoon I headed over to Hayburn Wyke north of Scarborough for a very late and long staying Richard’s Pipit, with only a vague idea of where to look I fortunately bumped into some Birding mates who had just been watching it and they pointed in me in the right direction and told me which field to look in, easy to see why it can be a bit elusive at times, halfway down a big field in long grass it would just vanish at times then appear some way to the left or right, still I ended up getting some decent scope views, it was certainly a well marked bird.

going in for the kill

missed that time

it liked to use these posts for a look out

just shows how light these birds are

some interesting Fungi in the Richard's Pipit field

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