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Monday, 28 April 2014

Deepest Lincolnshire

I was out with Pete Watson today and it was down into the depths of Lincolnshire, it was as much a Butterfly trip as a Bird one although it proved we were probably still a bit too early, Twyford Woods, about as far South in Lincolnshire as you can get, was first up hoping to catch up with Grizzled Skipper, it wasn’t the best of mornings but the sun did eventually get out, unfortunately even though we managed to find plenty of their food plant, Wild Strawberry, the Butterflies didn’t put in an appearance, a good selection of Warblers were present including my first Garden Warblers of the year.  Late morning we headed back to Lincoln calling in at Whisby Nature Park on the outskirts and although it was quite busy by that time we didn’t have any problem getting on the Nightingales, at least three were singing around Coot Lake with one showing quite well although not as photogenic as last year. Next up was Chambers Farm Wood for another Butterfly attempt, Marsh Fritillary this time but judging by the flowerless state of the Meadow we were way too early for this one, a bit disappointing really considering how early some things have been this year. A couple of Dotterel had been reported again from Tetney Lock village this morning so we thought we’d try for them next, had a quick look at Covenham Res on the way but apart from masses of Swallows and a few Common Terns it was fairly quiet, a Yellow Wag showed well on the wall, nearer the coast it became quite murky and despite a good search there was no sign of the Dotterels this afternoon. We paid a quick visit to Blacktoft on the way home on the off-chance the Montagu’s Harrier from yesterday and this morning may still be around, it wasn’t just two or three Marsh Harriers floating around.
Wild Strawberry


Greater Stitchwort

plenty of Green Veined White and Orange Tips but no
Grizzled Skippers

interesting Arachnid

just couldn't get a clear shot of him

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