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Sunday, 15 September 2013

a great Great Snipe

When I got home after my rather mediocre day yesterday I was a bit peeved to hear a Great Snipe had been found at Spurn early evening, I was even more peeved when I got up this morning to find the weather wasn't as bad as forecast (the main reason I chose to go birding yesterday rather than today) and the bird was still present and showing well, anyway fortunately I managed to get a pass out this afternoon so I shot straight over for it, feeding in the ditch along Beacon Lane it really was showing extremely well and was so close at one point I couldn’t focus the camera on it, it just seemed oblivious to all the birders stood no more than three or four feet away. Didn’t bother with much else, tried for a Barred Warbler at Southfield Farm but that had become rather elusive in the increasingly windy conditions although a Snow Bunting was showing well on the beach.

not a particularly good photo of it preening but it shows
some of the extensive white in tail

having a snooze

Snow Bunting on the beach

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