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Monday, 20 May 2013

Dusk in the garden of England

The original plan this weekend was to go to Norfolk to have a go at photographing the Red Footed Falcon at Lakenheath amongst other things, however that all got dropped when Mark rang on Saturday morning exclaiming there was a female Dusky Thrush in Kent, the bird had been discovered in Margate Cemetery three days before but just ID’d and news had been released late last night. A few phone calls and hasty changes of plans later and we were meeting up with twitching buddies Darren Ward and Dave Ousey and heading South, with it being a late start  we didn’t get down there till mid afternoon but fortunately the bird was showing straight away and very well, it was actively feeding, mainly flycatching but perched up on a low branch for quite a while before flying up to the top of another tree, it was a grand old cemetery with lots of mature trees and as well as the more common stuff a few noisy Ring Necked Parakeets were also present. With the bird in the bag and a bit of time to spare we called in at nearby Reculver on the way back where we got reasonable views of a female Montagu's Harrier out on the Marsh, also a couple of Marsh Harriers in the area.
it was a most impressive Cemetery

what a superb bird


had we had more time this female Monty's may have come closer

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