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Monday, 24 September 2012

The rain in Spain, well there wasn't any

Just back from a sunshine Holiday to Cala D’or in Majorca with Dawn and although our budget didn't run to hiring a car I managed a bit of birding around the resort, there was nothing much seen from the coach en route highlights being a couple of Ravens, Kestrel and a few Cattle Egrets. The resort itself is on a rocky coastline with many inlets and coves, hence “Cala”, so there was no promenade to walk along but there were plenty of trees and shrubs and while walking around there was an ever present chattering of Sardinian Warblers with occasional bursts from Cetti's as well as the more common Green and Goldfinches, Great Tits and Blackbirds etc plus quite a lot of Spotted Flycatchers that were obviously moving through, they were everywhere, something I thought unusual though was there were not many Collared Doves about but masses of Wood Pigeons, usually the other way round. There was also not that many Gulls floating about although one afternoon I came across a rocky peninsula in between two of the coves and quite a few were wheeling around and settling on the sea and amongst the throng of Yellow Legged I managed to pick out at least one Auduoin's Gull. Our Hotel was by the Cala Ferrera which was quite close to the edge of the resort and I managed a couple of visits to an area just off the road out, a Golf driving range en route played host to several Hoopoes, once away from the buildings the solemn song of Thekla Larks filled the air, there must have been at least 10 birds in the area plus even more Sardinian and Cetti's Warblers, Spotted Flycatchers, Stonechats and migrant Redstarts, an Olive grove had a big flock of Serins and Goldfinches feeding on the seed heads of the grasses growing under the trees, I thought the area looked good for Woodchat Shrike but I didn't see any. The second visit a couple days later was much the same but I also had a Great White Egret and pale phase Booted Eagle over. Didn’t manage to nail many Butterflies down but one I did was a new one for me, a Lang's Short Tailed Blue.
a rocky coastline

with many inlets

and coves, this one Cala Gran

and Cala Ferrera

the Marina

with plenty of big Yachts, you can dream can't you

and Fish

the Arty Farty shot

a few Yellow Legged Gulls milling around

and this Auduoin's

Yellow Legged on the Hotel roof

Hoopoes on the Golf driving range

lots of Spotted Flys


skulking Sardinian Warblers

abundant Thekla Larks

a passing Booted Eagle


Lang's Short Tailed Blue

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