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Friday, 16 December 2011

Norfolk Peep and Geese galore

Day off on Wednesday and along with Andy and Mark went down to Norfolk, we thought it was about time we tried for the Western Sandpiper that has been at Cley for three weeks or more now, we arrived mid morning and headed out to the middle hides, we soon located the bird but it was distant and asleep and to be honest we couldn’t say it was anything more than a small wader at that point however it wasn’t long before it and the small group of Dunlin it was associating with were on the move and then we couldn’t believe it when they landed right in front of the hide and gave absolutely fantastic views, mind you after all the bad luck this Autumn it was about time we had some good luck, there was also a good range of Wildfowl and Wader species about, still a fair few Avocets surprisingly also several Marsh Harriers and Little Egrets. We then headed over to Titchwell calling off at Wells and Holkham on the way to take in the spectacle of thousands of wild Geese, I know we've got a good few in Yorkshire at the moment but its still not a patch on Norfolk, there was also a Peregrine at Holkham, we got to Titchwell mid afternoon hoping to see the Arctic Redpoll that has been there for the last few days but it hadn’t been seen since this morning, just a few Lessers around this afternoon, we had a quick look out on the reserve but didn't find anything out of the ordinary but all in all a really good day, the weather too was better than expected, not as windy as I thought it was going to be and also a good amount of sunshine throughout the day.


Star bird, Western Sandpiper


Lapwing and Golden Plover flushed

a few Brents moving

Dark Bellied Brents at Wells

Pinkfeet at Holkham

Moving off

three from Titchwell

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