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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

American Black Tern

Hot on the heels of photographing the juv Black Tern at North Cave me and Andy nipped over to Covenham Reservoir on Sunday morning to see its American cousin, the bird showed very well on and off throughout the morning and there were also two Red Necked Grebes and a showy Dunlin on offer as well. In the afternoon we headed over to Donna Nook initially to search for migrants but we ended up walking out over the beach to the sea in the hope some Skua's may be close, there were a few Waders feeding along the shoreline a small flock of Terns included an adult and a juv Roseate, but the only Skua's were a couple of Arctics out at sea, with a black cloud looming we decided to head back, about halfway we had one final scan with Andy picking up an adult Long Tailed Skua flying over the beach where we had been stood, couldn't believe it if only we had stayed out there another five or ten mins. We ended the day at Far Ings but it was relatively quiet here, the best bird was a male Sparrowhawk sat on a post drying itself after a recent shower.

the Tern occasionally rested in this field

the beach at Donna Nook

a few Terns

included these Roseates

Shaggy Inkcap at Far Ings

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