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Monday, 15 August 2011

Day in the Forest

Out with Andy on Sunday and as the Honey Buzzards have been showing again recently we decided to go for them this morning then maybe go on to the coast later, we ended up spending the whole day with them and were glad we did. The day started at the Wykeham Raptor viewpoint and after being entertained by several common Buzzards plus a couple of juv Goshawks sparring with each other during the morning three Honey Buzzards got up over the other side of the valley around midday, they showed well enough but were a little distant so after lunch we headed over to the other side of the valley to see if we could get a little closer. We spent about an hour at one spot where a couple of common Buzzards came closer, the two Goshawks were seen again then eventually two Honey's were seen but a way over to our left, we headed off over in that direction and found a likely area and after spending some time at the top end seeing very little we came back to a place midway and realised thats where we should have been all along, after several Raptor sightings we eventually picked up a female Honey and followed her as she landed in a tree and although fairly distant and a bit obscured it was great to see one perched, I decided to walk down the road to see if I could a better angle and was amazed to see two birds flying straight overhead, the male had come in, both birds soared round for a couple of minutes then incredibly landed not only a bit nearer but out in the open as well, absolutely stonking scope views of these birds although a fine drizzle had started hampering attempts at digiscoping, it didn’t last long though and eventually it turned into a nice evening complimented by the male taking to the air again when a second male came over displaying.

some early fungi near the viewpoint

juv Common Buzzard

first grab shot as they flew over me

the pair perched

the male

the female decided on another perch

the second male displaying

soaring during the best part of the day

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